Trojan Proxy, What Is and How is Working

Trojan Proxy

Delving into internet security, one interesting aspect to consider is the Trojan proxy. This protocol stands out for its ability to bypass stringent internet censorship and firewalls, proving its effectiveness in maintaining user anonymity. Remarkably, this is achieved without novel cryptography techniques or complicated protocol mechanics.

How Trojan Proxies Work

From a technical standpoint, Trojan proxies are similar to Shadowsocks proxies, though they offer lower packet-level security. This might seem counter-intuitive, but it actually enhances their stealth capabilities. Understanding these mechanics allows users to leverage Trojan proxies for a more secure and private online experience.

Authentication Process

Trojan proxies connect through port 443, the standard HTTPS port. Given the widespread shift of internet traffic to this port to avoid unencrypted traffic on port 80, Trojan proxy traffic seamlessly blends in as regular HTTPS traffic. The key aspect is that Trojan traffic is indistinguishable from normal HTTPS traffic.

The authentication process involves using a key, akin to an API key but not an encryption key. Once a connection is established on a TLS port, the server extracts the first 56 bytes, which represent the hex(SHA224(key)) encrypted key. This hash is then used for user authentication. The server compares the known key with the submitted key and proceeds based on the result. Upon successful authentication, bi-directional traffic flows similar to a SOCKS5 request.

If the authentication key doesn't match, the server treats the traffic as HTTP, responding like a standard Nginx server, making Trojan proxies difficult to detect.

Benefits of Trojan Proxies

  1. High Anonymity: By mimicking HTTPS traffic, Trojan proxies make it challenging for censors to detect and block your traffic.
  2. Bypass Restrictions: They enable you to bypass geo-restrictions and internet censorship, accessing otherwise unavailable content.
  3. Secure Connection: Using robust encryption, Trojan proxies protect your data from interception, especially on public Wi-Fi networks.
  4. High Performance: Optimized for speed, they offer a seamless browsing experience with minimal latency.

Connecting to Trojan Proxies

When you purchase our Trojan Proxy Service, we provide real domains for secure connections. These domains are configured to ensure reliable and encrypted connections. Just follow our setup instructions, enter the domain details into your proxy settings, and enjoy secure, anonymous browsing.

Potential Applications for Trojan Proxies

Trojan proxies are ideal for bypassing censorship and firewalls, such as in countries with strict internet controls like China or Iran, or in workplaces and schools with restricted internet access. For other scenarios, a SOCKS proxy might be more suitable due to its broader acceptance by various browsers and tools.

Speed Comparison with Standard HTTP Proxies

Trojan proxy connections might exhibit marginally slower speeds compared to HTTP or SOCKS proxies due to the initial TLS handshake. However, this delay is negligible, typically only a few nanoseconds. Once the handshake and authentication are complete, the speed of a Trojan proxy matches that of a SOCKS proxy.

Setting Up a Trojan Proxy

To connect to a Trojan proxy, you'll need a compatible client. Options include V2BOX for a GUI experience or the official trojan-gfw for console use. It's essential to choose a client that adheres to standard protocols. Implementing rules to proxy only essential traffic can increase the chances of successful connections and make your activities harder to detect. Network monitoring tools like Wireshark can help identify requests made by your operating system or browser, allowing them to be included in the rules.


Connecting to a Trojan proxy involves selecting an appropriate client, adhering to standard protocols, and implementing rules to maximize successful connections and avoid detection. While speed differences are minimal, the enhanced privacy and ability to bypass censorship make Trojan proxies a valuable tool in internet security.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Trojan Proxy?

A Trojan Proxy is a type of proxy server that disguises your internet traffic as regular HTTPS traffic, using advanced encryption to enhance privacy and security online.

How do Trojan Proxies work?

Trojan Proxies encrypt your internet traffic and route it through port 443, the standard HTTPS port, making it difficult for firewalls and monitoring tools to detect and block your traffic.

Are Trojan Proxies legal?

Yes, using Trojan Proxies is legal in most countries as long as they are used for lawful purposes and not for illegal activities.

Will using a Trojan Proxy slow down my internet connection?

Our Trojan Proxy Service is optimized for high performance, providing fast connection speeds to ensure a smooth browsing experience.

Is a Trojan Proxy the same as a Trojan Virus?

No, a Trojan Proxy is not a virus. While "Trojan" in cybersecurity often refers to malware, a Trojan Proxy is a legitimate and secure proxy service designed to enhance your privacy and security online.


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