Residential Proxy VS Proxy

What is a Proxy?

Proxy or also known as datacenter proxies are the most common types of proxy. In fact, probably they are the first proxies you can think of. A Proxy, don't have anything to do with your internet connection or internet service provider(ISP). These are stored on servers, and when you are connecting to them, your IP address will change and this will provide anonymity on internet, this means you can easily scrape data, buy sneakers, search google from specific areas, or access location restricted website, but some sites have proxy detection mechanism which can identify a proxy or SOCKS5, but with residential proxy/socks5 you will not have this problem.

What is a Residential Proxy?

When you are connecting to the internet you're using a residential IP address. Your IP address identifies who you are and where you live, and allows you to connect to various websites or apps. For example, let's say that you call AT&T or Verizon to get a subscription to their's internet services. They send you a modem or a router, and after setting it up, you are online. A residential IP address allows you to do this without a residential IP address, you can't connect to a Proxy or a VPN, because you don't have internet access.

Every computer in the world comes wit a unique IP address, this a way to identify you online. At some internet providers you can get a static IP address, this mean that once the IP was assign to you, it will remain your's until cancel your subscription with the ISP, or you can get a dynamic IP address. Dynamic IP address means that every time you restart your modem/router you can get a new IP address from your ISP, but from the same IP class. This is because while you restarted your modem/router, you restarted the connection between you and your ISP, and a new IP address was assigned to you.

Using a residential socks5 or proxy, you have low to none, chances of getting banned on site's you are using, and you can access location restricted websites which have proxy detection mechanisms, because they can't tell if the IP you are using is a proxy or a normal one.

Some residential proxy providers are selling botnet proxies. This means that a bot program is running on user's computers(legitimate or not), and when you are connecting to them, you actually are using the computer connection of a guy across the world. This can be bad for you or for him, depending who is doing "bad stuff" on internet. If he is doing fraudulent transactions on the internet, you can become a suspect in that case.

However, our company is not selling botnet proxies, as you can read here and here, our Residential SOCKS5 and Residential Proxy, are still tied to a datacenter, but they are announce as Residential. There is no difference between a your IP address and our Residential SOCKS5 and Residential Proxy in terms of proxy detection. This is also good, because being tied to a datacenter, you don't need to relay on someone internet speed, and you can benefit the full speed of a datacenter proxy.

Proxy vs Residential Proxy

Proxy Pros:

  1. They are much cheaper, you can get them for a few dollars a month, here at ProxySocks5 we sell them at $2/mo for a proxy and $2.5/mo for a socks5, you can get them cheaper if you buy more or on a extended period of time.
  2. They are providing you anonymity on internet
  3. They can be faster than residential proxies

Proxy Cons:

  1. They are not as secured as residential ones
  2. They can be detected as being a proxy by websites which have proxy detection mechanism
  3. They can be easily blacklisted

Residential Proxy Pros:

  1. They are far more secure
  2. They can not be detected as being a proxy
  3. Low chances to none to be blacklisted(it more depends to you and how you use it, you can blacklist your own IP address)

Residential Proxy Cons:

  1. Harder to get
  2. They are more expensive, we are trying to keep our prices as low as possible, so we are selling Residential Proxy starting at $4/mp and Residential SOCKS5 starting at $5/mo
  3. You need to be careful from where do you get them, so they don't be stolen or botnet

If you are searching for a specific ISP, you can check our list here:

  1. United States: Cogent Communications, Comcast, CenturyLink, Elite Broadband, Voce Telekom
  2. Canada: Altima Telecom
  3. France: Altinea SAS
  4. United Kingdom: Cogent Communications, Atlas Networks
  5. Germany: Slotstransfag
  6. Italy: Global Router LLC

See our full list of locations and our pricing.


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